Thursday, January 29, 2009


The New York Times reported today that there is a new chef in the White House. The great news for the Slow Food world is that he is one of us. His name is Sam Kass and, according to the Times, he is one of the new breed of chefs who are as concerned about the environment as about the poor eating habits of this country. Mr. Kass shops from local farms and buys wine from small sustainable wineries. He laments the sorry state of the National School Lunch Program. Last May Kass spoke at a weekly Tuesday gathering in Chicago to a group of like minded individuals. He drew attention to the high precentage of government funding for the school lunch program being spent on meat and dairy, while a little more than one quarter is spent on vegetables. This, along with the additives of colors and preservatives hinders a child's ability to learn. Thow in the abundance of high fructose corn syrup and it does not bode well for a healthy school environment. Let us wish Mr. Kass luck and maybe that Victory Garden at the White House will happen after all.

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Dr. Susan Rubin said...

Here's the link to the NY Times Blog Post about the new White House chef and his thoughts about school lunch.

For truly insightful reading, check out the 160+ comments made by folks to this blog post. Its very eyeopening, it highlights the challenges of school food advocacy.