Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to Slow Food Westchester

Tonight, we had a phone meeting with Maryanne Hedrick, Jan Maltby & Susan Rubin.
Michelle Kim couldn't make it, she was up to her elbows in toffee ( the dentists of the world thank you, Michelle!)

We talked about the Jan 31 Bedford event. Susan is set to attend the next planning meeting of the Bedford Environmental Summit, still waiting for details.

The Chocolate event is on for Feb. We just need a location and a date. Any date but Feb 7th will work. Location can be someone's home if we don't have a public space.

Michelle suggested a regular open monthly b'fast meeting. sounds like a fine idea, we can use this blog to put a shout out to the community.

I will email Maryanne, Michelle and Jan with passwords and info on how to access this blog. It is really easy, I promise!
SuRu :)

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Maryanne @ MPF said...

Thanks Susan for getting us started! Hopefully members and new people will see this as useful and friendly resource.