Sunday, March 29, 2009


This Friday, April 3, we will meet at The Stone Barn Center for Food and Agriculture. Our adventure will begin with a short tour of the grounds, animals, and greenhouse. Spring is alive and well on the Farm. The Berkshire Pigs have farrowed and they have welcomed yet another round of piglets. The field is being tilled and planted with parnsips and transplanted with broccoli and kale. The new poults are laying egges by the dozens. Afterwards we will drop by the cafe, say hello to Alberto and pick up lunch. I recommend the famous egg salad. You can even pick up a few dozen eggs to take home and make your own salad. Finally, we will gather in the Hay Barn to discuss our tour, the future of food and enjoy the bounty of Stone Barns.
RSVP by April 2 to Jan Frasier Maltby, at Unfortunately, we have to limit this month to 10 people.

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