Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Site, New Media

Hello, friends.

It's been awhile since you've seen us in this space, though out in the real world we have been working hard on a number of things. We have been continuing to work locally for the Slow Food USA national initiative Time For Lunch, having eat in events and writing our congresspeople. We have been meeting with farmer's markets and local purveyors to help spread the word about Slow Food and plan slow food tasting events. And we've been looking ahead into 2010, planning movie nights, seminars, dinners, membership drives and picnics.

Another thing we've been doing is beefing up our online presence. To that end, we've decided to get our own dedicated URL:

We love blogspot and we're grateful for the chance it gave us to build a web identity. But now there are more things we need and want to do than we can do here. So, if you've come to this site to learn all about Slow Food and Slow Food Westchester, that's great, but click on the link above and find us at that new address. And if you're enough of a fan to have this page bookmarked, thank you! Thank you, but please update the link.

One more thing: we're on Twitter, too! Turns out Slow Food Westchester is too long for a Twitter handle, so we're:

We love to get followed, and we follow back!

Thanks for visiting, and see you at the new sites.

Happy (slow) holidays,
Slow Food Westchester

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