Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dear Friends and Gardeners: (Past & Present)

SunRaven has become a winter distribution site for Winter Sun Farms. Now that autumn has descended upon us, it is time to think about extending the wonderful summer bounty to over the course of winter. Winter Sun Farms has been busy preserving our local harvest to provide us with great tasting local produce for the winter months. This is a good opportunity for us to have easy access to wonderful local organic vegetables.

By joining our distribution site at SunRaven for a Winter Share you will not only get delicious food, but you will help Winter Sun Farms achieve their larger mission of creating a more regional, fair and sustainable food system.

Winter Sun Farms has been rapidly growing in the Hudson Valley and New York area by establishing Winter Markets in New Paltz, Vassar and Beacon. Our location is their first in Westchester County. Their other satellite distribution locations are in Saugerties, Woodstock, Brooklyn, and New York City (8 locations). Please let your friends know about this opportunity and let us know of your interest as soon as possible.

The cost is $124.00 for 4 distributions, one in December, January, February, and March. Each produce package will be delivered to SunRaven and consist of 6-7 items. Winter Sun Farms preserves the produce by freezing, canning or cold storing as in the case of its root vegetables. Below is a list to give you an idea of what your share would look like, but of course, it is subject to mother nature always has a say in the share.


4 Jars Heirloom Red Tomatoes 28oz

1 Jar Carolina Gold Yellow Tomatoes 28oz

2 Packages Pepper Mix (Rainbow or Five Farm) 13.5

1 Package Yellow and Green Summer Squash 16oz

2 Packages Whole Raspberries 5oz

2 Packages Whole Blueberries (or Blackberry) 8oz

2 Packages Broccoli Florets 9.5oz

2 Packages Green Beans 12oz

1 Packages Broccoli 16oz

2 Packages Butternut Squash Puree 16oz

3 Packages Fall Greens Mix 9.5oz

1 Package Edam me 8oz

1 Package Cauliflower 9.5oz


1 Package Carrots---root cellared 2lbs

1 Package Potatoes---root cellared 5lbs

2 Packages Pea Shoots---1/3 lb

1 Package Onion--- root cellared 2lbs

26-28 items in Total —6-7 items per drop off.

Your commitment will include a return e-mail to me stating your interest and a check made out to Winter Sun Farms. Please send to:

Kathryn Dysart c/o


501 Guard Hill Road

Bedford, NY 10506

. Or..... We can now pay on-line. Check it out...

Go To:

Click: Hudson Valley

New Paltz, NY

Enter Website

Click: Become a Member (red bar on left)

Scroll down to SunRaven/ Bedford, NY

Click: SunRaven/ Bedford, NY

If you decide to pay on-line, please let me know. The delivery dates and times have not been established yet. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

We look forward to hearing from you and are very excited to be able to offer this healthy winter food supply. Thanks again for your interest and participation.



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